eMudhra: Digitizing 'Trust' to help Businesses grow in the New Normal

CIO Vendor Trust is at the very foundation of humanity and consequently, business relations for all times. Various industries and the business world in general, has built processes around intrinsic and sometimes, outright validation of ‘trust’ in a person or organization, whether it comes to opening an account, getting a sim card, granting a loan, or for that matter, even more basic things that help us live our everyday life. But what happens when suddenly, you’re forced to let-go of how you have conceptualized ‘trust’ and ‘identity’ all your life? What happens when there’s an unexpected pandemic that halts your entire operations for the simple reason that you’re no longer able to rely on physical mechanisms of establishing trust in your business environment?

Fortunately, companies like eMudhra have pre-emptively worked towards addressing precisely this problem, which many of us may not have considered to be existent. What we may have once envisioned to be a distant hurdle has suddenly become an imminent necessity for business continuity due to the impact of COVID on our society. “We see many vendors getting into the eSignature space to capitalize the requirement for presence-less transactions in light of COVID.

We, at eMudhra, have always had a longer term and deeper outlook on the industry and we’re glad that we have been investing over the past decade to cover not just the application layer, but the foundational and reputational layer that powers trust in a Digital Society. What we bring to the table is not just a simple eSignature application, but also the associated expertise and compliance in foundational technologies like PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and a reputation of trust built over a decade” says Mr. Arvind Srinivasan, Senior Vice President at eMudhra, one of the forerunners and pioneers in the Digital Transformation space in India.
Adopting Paperless solutions goes beyond the simple interfaces and high level features. It requires careful consideration of the legal landscape, which in India, mandates issuance of digital signature certificates from a locally accredited Certifying Authority like eMudhra. Moreover, organizations also need to consider data residency, sovereignty, application security, quality compliance, and most importantly, credibility of the vendor itself to ensure a sustainable digital transformation program. “We serve thousands of SME’s, some of the largest enterprises in almost every industry, and support several National and State Government agencies through our application and expertise, wherein each segment has its own distinct set of requirements. In India, we have even launched our eSign remote signing platform to help third party applications easily leverage our digital signatures, without the hassle of a token, while ensuring cost effectiveness at scale and legal compliance in India”. Says Mr. Arvind Srinivasan.

What we bring to the table is not just a simple eSignature application, but also the associated expertise and compliance in foundational technologies like PKI and a reputation of trust built over a decade

If you’re like most enterprises today, either you have already adopted or are imminently planning to adopt digital transformation solutions to help drive the Paperless and Presence-less agenda in your organization. While COVID may have stimulated the shift, it’s evident that digital transformation is going to be an integral part of the New Normal not just because of the pandemic, but because of its ability to provide a competitive edge to early adopters. Organizations have started to realize that in the long run Digital Transformation initiatives often pay for themselves and more by optimizing costs, enhancing customer experience, and propelling brand value in the market.

The key element really is not just about going paperless or digital; it’s about ensuring that you’re doing it the RIGHT way!