Wipro Digital: Aligning Strategic Design with Engineering

CIO Vendor Analysts predict that eighty percent of new investments that enterprises will make will come to digital. However, it is a challenge for enterprises to harness the full potential of digital technologies as they are not organized enough and various departments in their organization operate in silos. As a result, they are unable to offer customers end to end experiences although they are willing to make big transformational changes. Rajan Kohli, Senior Vice President & Global Head of Wipro Digital explains that organizations should build cross functional teams which can transcend silos and deliver seamless interactions between consumers and brands. He adds that talent availability of engineers and designers under one roof is a prerequisite for that.

Wipro Digital is one of the unrivalled businesses globally which has both the design and engineering talent. The digital business unit of Wipro leverages innovative technologies such as cognitive computing, Cloud and IoT etc. to support end to end digital transformation needs of clients with the help of Designit, a strategic design firm. Wipro Digital acquired Denmark based Designit in 2015, to combine its reputation in engineering with design methods. Based on the re-imagination through designer and agile development engineering, Wipro Digital is able to provide innovative solutions to its clients. “We acquired one of the best design companies and we believe we are significantly more capable at integrating design and engineering to support digital transformation,” says Rajan. He further adds that Wipro Digital team is not restricted to any LOB or technologies and can work with internal IT asset as well as external eco systems. For instance, Wipro Digital has improved the quality of
interaction of a call centre by using cognitive intelligence. Similarly, the company is working with banks to improve their efficiency on KYC through cognitive intelligence.Wipro Digital’s working methodology starts with a process which it calls as Phase Zero. In phase zero, the company brings in a cross functional team of designers, engineers, architects and hand picked process experts. “Once we do the initial investigation in phase zero, we have a five step process known as customer journey engineering in which we work collaboratively with customers to truly re-imagine the customer experience. That’s where design plays a major role,” adds Rajan. He explains that even if similar strategy frameworks are performed by others, the execution of the recommendations and final outcomes really depend upon the credibility of the people and their expertise. “The cross sectional industry experience, the depth of talent in the room and the knowledge bank of case studies makes us truly unique,” unveils Rajan.

Wipro Digital explains that organizations should build cross functional teams which can transcend silos and deliver seamless interactions between consumers and brands

He opines that the strategic design market will not scale like the technology industry will scale, but the need for strategic talent will increase. “We want to grow our digital business at a faster pace than traditional IT services and outsourcing. In the next 18 months we will see more results coming through. We want to focus on reusability and sell our capability and ways of working to clients through all the digitally aligned service lines at Wipro,” concludes Rajan.