Paymentz: Providing Adaptable Payment Gateway Solutions that Works Globally

CIO Vendor As globalization of ecommerce is creating new opportunities, merchants want to take advantage of these opportunities and secure new business; whereas online customers want to enhance their shopping experience. However, while performing online transactions, customers are sometimes overcharged or the gateway does not provide confirmation. In addition, sometimes there is unavailability of support information to customers or the account details given to one website is being used by multiple websites. Hence customers expect secured, quick and well informed Transaction Process by requesting minimum input from End Customer. In addition they expect Multiple Payment Options viz. Credit Card, Debit Card, Wallet, Net Banking and Ease of User Interface with least Redirection. Whereas merchants expect their online payment gateway solutions to be easy to integrate their websites which has 24/7 Support line and accepts various banks and currencies. But with so many things to consider, the most vital expectation of a merchant is that their website can easily be integrated and works across different countries. This is where Paymentz comes as preferred choice for many vendors across the globe. is catering to many PSP's by offering them state of art White Label
Payment Gateway.

Paymentz follows three step security practice known as Assess, Remediate and Report which is devised by the PCI Security Standard Council

Thinking Globally and Acting Locally

As more and more clients need to expand out of their local markets and serve internationally, it is extremely important to provide a single interface internationally while offering local payment solutions. With a motto of ‘Think global act local’, Mumbai headquartered Paymentz supports merchants as they expand internationally by offering them card processing solutions and alternate payment methods. Paymentz also offers custom made value-added services, such as tokenization and white label checkout. This service allows merchants to reduce their number of solution providers they need to deal with through technical integration. Value added services from Paymentz encompass Real-time fraud prevention, consolidated reporting and analysis.
Paymentz also considers providing the right solution for the right market. “If one has a perfect payment solution for a card based market, it’s in no way a guarantee to reach the same performance in cash based market. Hence payment gateway solution providers need to offer the right solution for the right market. We dedicate a lot of time to understand the needs of our clients even if we already serve a lot of other clients in the same sector,” explains Amoolya Vassa, Founder at Paymentz Online Payment Gateway. He further briefs that his team has experience in catering to many local markets and has gained the ability to integrate numerous payment options at reasonable price. To provide Online Payment Gateway solutions, Paymentz follows three step security practice known as Assess, Remediate and Report which is devised by the PCI Security Standard Council. “Carrying out Assess, Remediate and Report process is vital for continuous compliance with the PCI DSS requirements. These steps enable vigilant assurance of payment card data safety,” says Amoolya.

Fraud Prevention and Comprehensive Daily Reports

Paymentz works with international acting risk and compliance partners in order to ensure access to the most accurate and updated fraud databases. By following machine learning and risk-based approach the company calculates a set of checks in real-time using internal and external systems. In addition, past transaction patterns are taken into account as well as non-discussable data points such as stolen cards. Additionally, Paymentz is also equipped with surrogated token, which replaces the card number to overcome the need of transmitting the card details for every transaction to protect the possibility of card data theft during transmission. Amoolya believes that in security and fraud reporting context, value-added services will become an important part of the payment gateway proposition. Additional value-added services will emerge out of big data analytics, used for both business insights and to manage frauds. With proliferation of devices, one would also see increase in fraud and data theft. Payment gateway’s role will change and gateways will have superior fraud scrubbing service and better data protection in the future.

Amoolya explains that his team has recently entered into a joint venture with an Indian Investment Group, through which Paymentz would identify companies in payments business to further have joint venture or alliance with them or buy them to create one stop International payments solutions. With presence and projects in Europe, this would help Paymentz gain new business opportunities in India. Paymentz aims to seed its own business in supporting start-ups around the globe and envisions introducing its Wallet and other related mobile payment options in the future. “We will continue offering our partners flexible and secured payment gateway solutions with sophisticated real-time fraud prevention and reporting across all channels which are easy and safe to integrate,” signs off Amoolya.