KAP Computer Solutions(KAPSYSTEM): Leveraging SMS Marketing to Promote all Business Activities

CIO Vendor SMS marketing is one of the best options for those looking to expand to mobile. It is because SMS marketing is not only affordable, but has limitless market potential, high open and conversational rate and provides instant delivery. Although there are numerous benefits of SMS Marketing, but usually large corporations enjoy the benefits and as a result SME segment is usually less focused.

On the other hand, Bangalore based KAP Computer Solutions is positioned in the market to address marketing needs of various SMEs by providing Bulk SMS Marketing service including Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, Short and Long Code Service, Missed Call Service, Voice Call Service and OBD. Ananth Prasath, CEO at KAPSYSTEM believes that his company is unique with regard to Quality of Service(QoS). “There are still certain loopholes with regard to customer service, quality of service and sales closure. However, KAPSYSTEM is unique in terms of sales activity, support activity in addition to customer service,” shares Ananth.

Since inception of the company in the year 2009, Ananth has been primarily focusing on abringing new customers, aligning the marketing strategy, doing marketing collaterals and ensuring that the sales happen as per the expectation. He points out that if any other SMS Service Provider is inquired by the customer regarding the service offered, it would generally give introductory details and tell them about the amount. “We are giving the education to the customer followed by the introductory mail, sales call activity, demo service, video clip for the customers and API documentation to integrate their systems with KAPSYSTEM.
In addition, we give written documents wherein people can easily understand other details,” adds Ananth. He further points out that instead of customer asking various questions, his team designs mail templates according to the requirements of clients. “An enterprise would sometimes not know on how to integrate API chips. In that case, we give them the documents and provide PRI number support. In addition, our dedicated call centre is available to take care of all the queries,” shares Ananth.His company has been ensuring to provide instant delivery, instant delivery report, 100 percent real time delivery and money back guarantee to all of its customers. “At any point of time if the customer is not satisfied with the service, we will refund the entire money. However, so far we have not refunded any money to any of our customer,” unveils Ananth.

KAPSYSTEM is unique in terms of sales activity, support activity in addition to customer service

In the last four years, the company has catered to over 5,000 customers and out of that over 30 customers are working under the post paid model. To name a few, KAPSYSTEM is catering to Wipro Technologies, Aditya Birla, TVS, Mahindra Holidays, Swaraj Mahindra, DLF, Canara Bank, INGVysya Bank, HDFC Life, CGI, Bharat Petroleum, Dr. Batra's, Bhima Jewellery and other SMEs.Ananth further briefs that despite of the other emerging marketing solutions such as push notifications, his team aims to continue providing SMS marketing in the future. The company already has presence in more than ten cities in India and by end of 2016, KAPSYSTEM aims to expand across ten more cities.“By 2020 we are planning to be 300 crore volume SMS consumption company and from 2017 we start exploring the Middle East Market,” concludes Ananth.