DigitasLBi: Exploiting Digital Technology to Revolutionize Marketing Services

CIO Vendor Digital technologies and platforms are rapidly providing newer means of connecting people to each other and also helping products and companies connect directly with their customers. It has therefore become the endeavour of these companies to use these platforms to the utmost to enhance customer experiences with their brands through personalized communication and engagement. With the current state of technology companies can go beyond just drawing in customers and communicating brand messages or offers and in fact can look at engaging customers in a meaningful way.

To provide solutions tailored to such needs, marketing agencies are having to look at unexplored and innovative ways to engage customers across multiple touchpoints, after all gone are the days when digital solutions meant access only through a desktop or a laptop connected to the internet. Today, we have customers interacting with a slew of devices ranging from mobile phones to fitness bands all of which have a direct or indirect connection to the internet making all of them a possible device for interaction. In such a market where execution and delivery can be so varied, it is critical to have a strategic approach to the consumer which guides the creative thinking and shapes the usage of digital technology for specific purposes, packaged in exciting ways to entice the consumer.

Bringing such a unique blend of strategy, creativity, media and technology, we have Boston headquartered DigitasLBi (with India offices in Mumbai, New Delhi and Ahmedabad) which offers a comprehensive bouquet of services spanning brand strategy, brand building, content creation and distribution amongst others. Right from website builds, appcreation, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), data science, analytics, social media marketing & management, e-commerce solutions, managed services, CRM (Customer Relationship
Management), Branded Content to Outreach & Affiliate Marketing, DigitasLBi is able to offer digital marketers solutions which span the digital ecosystem. With this level of service offering and its hands-on experience, DigitasLBi functions as a strategic partner to some of the world’s most exciting brands across travel, financial services, FMCG, media, automotive, telecom, retail etc.To address today’s marketing challenges, DigitasLBi amalgamates creativity, data, and technology to help transform clients’ businesses for the digital age. The company optimizes data and derives meaningful insights to drive the creative process and storytelling and using real time distribution to help deliver greater effectiveness and efficiency.

DigitasLBi is able to offer digital marketers solutions which span the digital ecosystem

“Most treat technology and creativity in isolation and that’s been the root cause of poor customer experience. Our creativity has allowed us to remain unique, while we’ve used technology to help develop better delivery mechanisms for our ideas ensuring that both work together to communicate and deliver an unbeatable experience for the customer” notes Siddhyesh Narkar, Head – Technology, India.

DigitasLBi is one of the largest technology and marketing agencies globally with 40 offices in 26 countries and 7000 employees across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. DigitasLBi was named the “Most Awarded Agency” of the decade at the 2014 Interactive Advertising Bureau MIXX Awards. Over the decade, DigitasLBi has won 38 IAB MIXX Awards for its innovative, market-moving campaigns. It is one of the two custom application partners for LinkedIn in India and one of the five in APAC(Asia- Pacific) distinguishing it from other agencies and adding unique skills to an already packed suite of services. This combined with an incredibly transparent and hierarchy free open office culture ensures that clients are able to gain the best combination of left and right brain thinking.