Sensys Technologies: Offering Advanced Document Signing Software For Ease Of Doing Business

CIO Vendor The signing from one process to another process, which has multiple workflows, is a time consuming task. Businesses are expecting to have innovative and user-friendly software for digital signing of PDF documents at speed. The e-Signatures help in improving efficiencies of various businesses by eliminating paperwork. Along with this, e-Signature is digitizing documents which are far more efficient compared to the traditional paper method. Moreover, the increasing emphasis on customer experience is expected to fuel the e-Signature market size. Clients are in need of software that proffers a hassle-free experience and can easily sign multiple documents on a click of a button. Catering to these needs of businesses, Sensys Technologies offers its advanced document signing software, `myPDFSigner' fuelled by innovative technology and unparalleled features. The software eliminates tedious and error-prone tasks and makes the signing process hassle-free, easy and agile. Signing in the software is done with the click of a button, whether it is a single PDF document or thousands of documents. “We do meet client's expectations by having said capabilities with various options/features. Our software is upgradable & customizable as per clients' needs, apart from standard available features,” says Umesh Mahadik, Director, Sensys Technologies.

There are three variants of `myPDFSigner' software by Sensys, including Standard myPDFSigner Software, Folder Based Semi-Auto Software, and a web based PDF Signer Software. Single bulk signing of documents, folder selection for file storage, merging of PDF files, custom page selection, background image feature, and password protected signed PDF files generation are a few cutting edge features of the standard myPDFSigner
Software. Also, the Folder Based Semi-Auto Software can sign documents automatically by setting-up or using folders with a time scheduler along with all the above features, and the PDF Signer Software provides fully automatic functions along with workflow on multiple levels authority. “Our software is user friendly, affordable, complies with all the required features and can be customized based on client's expectation,” says the CEO.

Along with the other advanced features Sensys offers folder based semi-auto software which can sign documents automatically by setting-up folders with a time scheduler. It offers a web based PDF Signer Software with full automatic functions along with workflow on multiple levels of authority and seamlessly integrates its application to any third party application via APIs. These APIs are developed based on clients' expectation for auto and real time data transfer after integration. Sensys' software is developed using very high scale application platforms and is powered with timely new innovations aligned with market changes and clients' demands. The company has proven its expertise in the arena and has gained unmatched prominence from its esteemed clientele. Sensys has completed 17 successful years in this domain, and myPDFSigner Software is the best software in this segment covering all the requirements of e-Signature.

Our software is user friendly, affordable, complies with all the required features, and can be customized based on client's expectation

With its world-class software support and service, the company has successfully established itself as a prominent player in the market. Sensys is continuously taking efforts in the field of e-Signature for improvement in software technology and support through research & development. Time and again, the company makes significant investments to empower its workforce to bring their best mastery to the table. “We believe our unique key features, quality software solutions & services, client's satisfaction, technical knowhow & intellect differentiate us from our competitors,” concludes Umesh.